Joe’S BackYard Band


“Kick up a Breeze” Winner of BostonChildren’’s Favorite Kids’ Albums of 2009 Award!





When kids are in the house, Joe’s Backyard Band knows how to keep them smiling! We play an all-ages mix that kids can enjoy along with their parents and grandparents. Sets have been known to include songs like the “Hokey Pokey” and “There Ain’t No Bugs on Me.”

All Ages All The Time


“Their music is fabulous for all ages and blends blues, folk, rock, reggae to create music that everyone wants to dance to. ‘Kick Up A Breeze’ is their first CD and has been the must-listen-to CD in our car on the way to school for weeks now.”             


“‘Kick Up A Breeze’ isn’t a kid’s album at all. It’s one of those CDs that will more than likely stay spinning after the kids have been dropped off at school because it’s a terrific all-ages family album... Joe’s Backyard Band has come out of absolutely nowhere to deliver one of the more pleasant surprises in the children’s music world in 2010.”

Out With The Kids

Joe’s Backyard Band is an outfit that knows how kids listen to tunes. They swing easily, strum infectiously, and connect with their audiences convivially...”                    The Providence Phoenix

Radio Radio!

“Kick Up A Breeze” has been getting airplay on WERS’ “The Playground” in Boston, on WRSI’s “Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child,” in Northhampton, on Sirus XM’s “Kid’s Place Live,” on WXPN’s Kids Corner and The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl.

Kick Up A Breeze wins a Fall 2010

Parents’ Choice Award!

“Breezy is a fitting description for these bright and bubbly tunes. Joe Grady and his deft bandmates serve up blues, pop and a bit of multicultural flavor in original songs exploring a variety of subjects from “Cities With Seagulls” to doing dishes, party time and getting the grumpies out with a smile. An expert sense of rhythm is the album’s highlight and moving to the beat is irresistible.”        

Parents’ Choice


We love it! Their new CD ‘Kick Up A Breeze’ just came out last month and we’re hooked on it already. The level of musicianship is really impressive!”                      BostonChildren’sMusic.Com

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